The Resistance Mens Gathering 2022

Friday May 27th - Sunday May 29th - 2022

Get ready, it's coming


What is The Resistance 2022

The Resistance annual Men's gathering is all about building men of Courage, Character and conviction.
The Resistance is about encouraging and empowering men to be better husbands, better fathers, better employers and employees, better uncles, brothers and sons, better mates, to be better men.

Men are massive influencers in this world and too often in modern society men are shouted down for being male and masculine. The Resistance is about standing up to this godless philospohy and narrative. We celebrate masculinity, we recognised that God made Man in his own image, MALE AND FEMALE he created them (Gen 1:27). We know that there is a need for mateship and brotherhood amongst men because men feel more isolated now more than ever. Men's suicide rates are through the roof, as are rates of Domestic Violence and abuse, substance abuse, bullying, and depression. Men need help, Men need hope. The Resistance is about providing that hope.

The event is held in the NSW Riverina region in beautiful Henty. Accommodation is self supplied, we provide you with the camping site, and you have a choice. You can simply come with your swag and sleep under the stars, use a tent however big or small, bring your camper trailer, caravan or motorhome, we will accommodate all of these options, simply indicate on your booking which one you'll be supplying so we can allocate you an appropriate site.

We will be providing some meals during the event, breakfast on Saturday morning is on us. There will also be food-truck options on site if you'd like to have something besides what is provided as well as mobile cafe's for your caffiene fix, and there is no problem if you want to BYO, so you can cook the food you love to have when you camp at your own site on your own BBQ if you want to bring that for yourself. You'll have to provide your own cooking equipment.

The Resistance will have guest speakers providing encouragement on a wide range of topics including health and nutrition, as well as encouraging and empowering messages. We don't advertise our guests as the event isn't about the speakers, it's about men gathering together with God. We're keeping it real simple. Who our guests are is our way of surprising and blessing all those who attend.

The Resistance Men's gathering will be the premier Men's event in Australia. We know all who attend will be blown away, encouraged, empowered, inspired and impacted. We invite you to come away with us and have an epic weekend with the boys.


On Friday 27th May 2022 at 10:00 AM to Sunday 29th May 2022 at 10:00 AM




Above is a photo rendering of the fires across Australia in 2019/2020 summer.

I saw this vision when I was 16, back in 1989.  God spoke to me many years later when I was about 21 and said that he wanted to start a FIRESTORM.  As a young surfer at the time I decided to write direct and produce two evangelistic surf movies - Firestorm and Firestorm 2.
But this was only a part of the vision.  In 2017 God spoke to me very clearly as I was lamenting the lack of major Christian men's events in Australia.  He said that many of His sons, His men are so saturated with the world that when they encounter the fire of His Spirit that they're 'too wet' to catch fire.  He wants to dehydrate His men from the world through personal, deep, passionate and active relationship with him.  He then showed me the vision again from 1989 (see attachment). I asked what was going on, he said the campfires I could see were the pockets of men being ignited on fire for Him, and that as men began to get on fire for Him, when He gathered them He would start a Firestorm, the only type of fire that is unstoppable.  The Resistance annual Men's gathering is a part of that gathering of men and re-ignition.  We are a part of the prophecy by Smith Wigglesworth playing our part in ushering in the next and greatest global revival.

Brett 'Chippa' Murray
The Resistance Founder

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The Resistance Men Site Map

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